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Assist Tel-Com Designed SolutionsOnce the 3D discovery meeting has taken place, we will enter into the design phase of the transaction. You and your business’s needs are assessed and analyzed by one of our professional design specialists who work closely with each individual client in order to build and tailor a plan of action. Whether you need a solution for a small or large business, your assigned design specialist will conduct an in-depth interview and assessment in order to discover what points of interest he or she can address through our services. Get ready to discard your costly traditional phone line and enter into the cost-effective, high-quality world of VoIP systems and more.


Assist Tel-Com Proposal Sample designThe relationship you build with your personal design specialist allows us to create a highly specialized proposal that has been personalized to suit all of your networking needs. The design specialist will then share this proposal with our sales team, who will provide you with a price quote for the system – including installation, setup, and interactive training – with each cost explained in detail to you. We want you to know that each cost is justifiable so that you feel confident in conducting business with us and entering into what will undoubtedly be a long-term business partnership. Lastly, we will coordinate a conference call during which we can fully explain the details of the solution developed by your design specialist. During this time you will be able to ask any questions as we walk you through the entire implementation process step-by-step.


Delivery of the Assist Tel-Com SolutionsOnce we have completed the conference call, answered your questions, and agreed on terms for the project, it’s time for you to accept and sign the final proposal. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us, and we work hard to obtain your full approval of the proposal before moving forward. We welcome any and all questions, comments, and concerns from you during the design and negotiation process. The more you communicate with us about your wants and needs, the quicker we are able to create a fine-tuned problem solution for you and your company. We are confident that you’ll enjoy the ease, reliability, and security of our communications systems.