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Assist Telcom is there for all your service needs

We Stay With You the Whole Way

The implementation phase is just the beginning of our partnership. We continue to support you beyond the installation and initial acceptance phases. We aim to be your communication provider of choice throughout the life of your business. This means that we make a point to be just a phone call away whenever you need us and for any issues that might arise. Because we sell and utilize a variety of equipment for each project, we often times partner with the individual manufacturers to optimize the maintenance and support services we offer our clients. This means that we can assist you in troubleshooting both the individual hardware in your network, as well as the communications system’s functionality as a whole.

Let Assist Telcom Networks Be Who You Call First

Why waste hours of productivity and sanity trying to troubleshoot our equipment yourself? Call us first if you ever run into issues with our equipment. We promise you that we will get you and your business back in working order as quickly and painlessly as possible. Many other system providers ignore Avaya maintenance recommendations, resulting in more headaches and hassles. Assist Tel-Com is dedicated to adhering to manufacture recommended maintenance plans, which allow for 24/7 help desk support, access to software and developer services and licensing, Avaya labs, and optional 24/7 system monitoring. Whether you’re troubleshooting a call center, Voice over IP (VoIP), Unified Communications (UC), Private Branch Exchange (PBX), or other networking system, our employees at Assist Tel-Com are here to help.

We will make sure all your questions are answered

We Care About Our Services
We Care About You

The reason our business has been successful is because we provide excellent customer service in addition to the highest quality communications and networking solutions. With over two decades of knowledge under our belts, we know the strengths of our equipment and how we can use our services in order to best serve you and your growing business. Instead of throwing you to the wolves, we stand by you through the entire process in order to ensure you and your employees are comfortable handling the equipment we offer. Each system and service we provide is tailored to suit your individual business goals in both the timeframe and price range you specify in order to increase your productivity. It’s in our best interests for us to ensure that your company is communicating seamlessly, because when you flourish, so do we. It’s that simple.