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Project Management

Assist Tel-Com Project Management

Your Project Manager is There for You

It is critical that we know you are satisfied during every point of the installation and implementation of your networking system. When setting up your system’s call center for the first time, we know that you’ll have some questions. Rather than leaving you to search for answers on your own, we prefer to assign someone who will be there for you any time, any day. Each client is assigned an individual project manager who will monitor and execute the proposed implementation of your problem solution. Not only will the project manager monitor the initial installation, but he or she will also conduct status update phone calls with you to obtain your feedback on the system’s performance. Need to renegotiate the installation date of your equipment? Having trouble transferring calls between locations or devices? Your project manager is the go-to contact when you need to obtain documentation, register the system for the first time, or ask any questions during the entirety of the project lifecycle.

We Won’t Leave You High and Dry

One important element we want to stress with our clients is that they can and should ask questions. Other service providers simply want to get in, get out, and get paid, and that is one of the main areas where we differ. Our priority is helping you on your journey to becoming the best company you can be via our communication solutions, whether it’s through our contact centers, traditional voice solutions, VoIP systems, LAN/Wireless/WAN switching and routers, and more. Your individual project manager is there to field any inquiries you might have from start to finish. Our team is professional, detail-oriented, friendly, and waiting to assist you however you need. We don’t check out after you’ve signed the contract – our team members are present and fully engaged with you for the duration of our business partnership. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve set up more communications networks and demonstrated a wider variety of equipment than many of our competitors. Developing and implementing networks with special requirements is what we have done and continue to do with confidence, accuracy, and a smile.