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Assist Tel-Com helps implement the new business solutions


Your individual project manager will guide you through the entire implementation process, which consists of six steps. Each of these steps allows us to provide you with essential information and support regarding your new communications solution.

  1. Kick off call: this initial call is where we will introduce you to our team (including the sales team, your design specialist, and project manager), review the solution and its implementation proposal, and clarify and fine-tune timelines, dates, deliverables, and responsibilities discussed during the design phase.
  2. Pre-installation work: during this step, we order the equipment needed for your unique proposal. We also coordinate and document the programming information required for your equipment. Each client has a unique programming profile that is based off of the elements discussed during the design phase, and which allows us to stage and build the equipment according to your company’s unique set of needs.
  3. Installation and configuration: once we have tested your equipment in-house, we are ready to begin the installation process on site. We bring the equipment to your place of business, install, connect, and perform any additional configuration and testing as needed. Among the elements we test are the phones, phone system features and configuration, and the trunking system from your carrier (if available).
  4. Training: as a group, we train all end-users how to perform basic functions such as call handling, voicemail operation, and any other applications and procedures directly related to your unique proposal. This in-depth training also includes hand-outs, user manuals, and other documentation as needed. This means your employees will have written text to reference should they need to train others how to utilize our equipment. We will also provide an administrator knowledge transfer that allows you to manage daily tasks and maintain the system according to your needs.
  5. Cutover: at the agreed-upon date and time, we will place the system into production and complete one final testing of the system and its functions.
  6. First day support: we continue to support you on the first day of operation, making sure to be present should any issues arise or end-users require assistance. Once we have ensured the system is functioning as designed, we can safely hand off the system to you.

Live Training

We don’t just provide you with a user manual and expect you to research and train your own team how to use our equipment. And we don’t just host a few tutorial videos on the web and make you watch them on your own time. We provide high-quality, hands-on, face-to-face training in a classroom-like environment at your location. Our extensive training and cohesive support throughout the lifecycle of the project are what makes us different from other companies. We are interested not only in providing you a service, but in providing you the knowledge with which you will utilize our services. Our end goal is for your company to thrive with the help of our communications solutions.